Polyester Resin :
Polyester resins typically contain around 35-45% styrene monomer which has a flash point of 32 °C. Therefore all sources of flame, sparks and static electricity must be avoided at all times. Smoking is strictly prohibited in areas where resins are used and adequate ventilation must be provided in order to eliminate styrene vapours. Empty drums of polyester resin must be handled with utmost care and should not be punched, cut or drilled.


Initiators (Peroxide) :
Peroxides should be used and stored with care since they can be easily decomposed. Storage temperature should not exceed supplier’s recommendation and their contact with metals and cobalt octoate must be avoided at all times.




Accelerator (Cobalt Octoate):
Cobalt octoate is highly flammable, because it contains solvents. Therefore, it must be stored in accordance with fire regulations. Cobalt octoate should not come into contact with peroxides.





Cleaning Solvents :
Most common cleaning solvent is Acetone. Since its flash point is -20°C, it is highly flammable. It should be used with maximum and proper attention and it should be kept in closed packaging. Even empty drums or buckets are flammable and they should not be stored under sunlight. Empty containers should not be punched, cut or drilled. Methylene chloride has been designated as a possible human carcinogen by many regulatory agencies and it should not be used as a cleaning agent.


Personal Protection:
Exposure to styrene vapor and other chemicals can occur in the workplace. In order to minimize the exposure risks, adequate precautions should be observed:

– Use mask, gloves and goggles,
– Adequate ventilation must be provided,
– All containers should be kept closed,
– Workshop temperature should not exceed 25°C,
– It is recommended to use closed mold operation where possible.

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