For Boytek, environmental sensitivity is a necessity not only for the industry, but also for every individual. Keeping the environmental sensitivity as a priority, the company steadily invests in environmental protection.

As an indication of this, Boytek received ISO14001 Environmental Quality Management Certificate in 2009. Our environmental policy can be found in the Quality section.

Sustainability: Boytek takes responsibility for the social, economic, and environmental impacts of its products in order to leave a clean environment for our future generations. Therefore, some resin types are being produced using recycled raw materials. While focusing on sustainable and profitable growth, Boytek products generate great value for society. For this purpose, energy efficiency research programs from universities all around Turkey are being supported.

Awards: The Wastewater Treatment System (Dual Stage Liquid Waste Incinerator), which is one of the projects that has been developed in cooperation with academic institutions, is being used in all our facilities with capacity increase. Boytek has been rewarded with “CEVRETED Environmental Protection Award” in 1996 for this treatment system project. Boytek also strives to increase awareness on environmental issues by publishing articles in its quarterly magazine “Kompozit Dunyasi”.