Social responsibility has been one of Boytek’s core beliefs since 1978 and our company has been known for making a difference to health, education, arts, environment, and many other areas.

Through various means, we are actively taking initiative to have a positive impact on society.

* Focuses on placing a high value on its customers and employees,

* Encourages community involvement and engagement of its employees,

* Strives to create products and services that add value to the society within the context of its sustainability promise,

* Cooperates with college students, academies and non-governmental organizations,

* Sponsors sports events,

* Boosts economic growth and fosters the creation of jobs in regions where it conducts business,

* Engages in fair trade practices,

* Organizes social activities that increase employee loyalty and pride,

* Always searches for new social responsibility projects that focus on community involvement and engagement.

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