• To be among the most environmentally friendly chemical companies of Turkey.
  • To become a world famous brand.
  • To contribute to the development of Turkish and global composites industry.
  • To launch and develop new product solutions that will improve the quality of life.



  • To produce innovative and top quality products for the composites industry. 
  • To be always ready for competition in globalizing world; by taking human health as a priority, using knowledge accumulation, experience and top-notch technology to respond to the needs of local and global markets.



  • Integrity.
  • Respect for people.
  • Respect for environment.
  • We have built trust since our establishment thanks to our integrity. Our base value is to stand behind our promises and commitments in every situation.
  • We have to protect the nature that is home to us and all living creatures and respect to its laws.
  • To provide our business partners with best products on time with the best terms.
  • Being committed to our responsibilities requires us to keep quality as our top priority.


Corporate Strategy

  • To enhance our key business operations and to invest in performance businesses.
  • To invest in science and technology in order to strengthen our production business and increase our efficiency.
  • To reach the highest level of corporate performance by developing high added value products.

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