Boytek Resins Integrated Management System Policy

Boytek Resins Integrated Management System Policy BOYTEK RESINS has been founded on customer satisfaction, product quality, continuous technology development, education, team spirit, environmental awareness, and continuous improvement.
• Ensuring the safety and quality of our products has always been a top priority for us. We continuously follow the latest technologies to improve the factors which affect the quality of our products and we integrate these technologies in our system. By following new technologies that enhance the production ability, we are striving to increase the manufacturing capacity and product variety.
• We define and implement the product qualities that satisfy the needs of our customers which is the major reason for our existence. This is why we value and define education as the basis of level and continuation of product quality. A positive team spirit helps all our employees to execute their duties eficiently.
• We set business goals on a yearly basis that complies with our business standards and ensure continuity to reach these goals.
As BOYTEK RESINS, our main ENVIRONMENTAL goals are to protect and improve the quality of life for our employees, customers, and all living creatures. For this purpose, in compliance with legal and other applicable terms;

• Ensuring the most efficient use of energy and natural resources,
• Reducing the amount of waste by supporting recovery and recycling activities,
• Reducing the use of harmful substances in product design and production processes and prioritizing activities that develop less polluting products,
• Working in cooperation with competent universities by providing the necessary support to its employees to carry out all these activities, are the main elements of our environmental policy. Reducing the impact on the environment with source reduction, by
burning the liquid waste generated from the production process with our INCINERATOR, is a proof of this.
• Protecting the individual health of our employees and creating a safe and healthy working environment,
• Identifying the causes of possible workplace accidents and occupational diseases, evaluating the risks, developing roles and methods to endorse appropriate control measures, and eliminating the hazards are our main goals.Therefore, our company is committed to comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards and legal requirements with the participation of staff from all levels, based on the idea of continuous improvement and development with the use of modern technical and scientific methods.






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